New Worlds of Xianu Override
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New Humana is an independent world founded by artists that wanted to escape the corporate culture of United Earth and Stellar Corporation.  They originally settled on First Centauri but found that lifestyle too agrarian.  It is a world with no currency and no central government.
Prool II is a waterworld that just happened to be in the path of the great Invading Mothership.  The hull of the huge vessel still protrudes from the sea... a stark reminder of the devistation the battle caused this fragile stellar system.
Halo is a ringed, sandy world in the Angel System that the Player encounters without knowing if it is inhabited or not. Strange markings on the planet surface suggests intelligent life near by.
This ancient shrine is the first known religious artifact of the Sphinx.  It stands on their home planet, Pyrtha.
The great defensive cannon on the Angel world, Fortress.  It utilizes forces that destroy anything in their path. Fortress is the Angel planet closest to regular EVO space.
The Xianu capitol world, Xia, appears to be made of a crystal and light.  Laser "tethers" help connect an orbiting moon, forming lines of transportation and communication which the Xianu ships and mechbots utilize. Notice the similarity in design to the ancient shrine of Pyrtha.
This Sphynx space station hovers over Prool.  It is one of the many Sphynx craft that seems to be quantum leaps ahead of other Sphynx technology.  Legend has it that every 144 years the station winks out of sight, creating a door to another dimension.  United Earth officials believe it to be alien technology of a race other than the Sphynx...
The Great Temple on Atlantis is where the Sphynx Empress performs her sacred rites during the annual Dance of the Fires ceremony.  She then proceeds to give birth to her yearly litter of 9 children.
This Xianu explorer craft has been seen on several Voinian planets...
The Great Pyramid of Mu is one the magical landmarks of the Sphynx culture.  It is a source of great power  -  power that United Earth scientists cannot yet comprehend...and Myrthn, the Sphynx holy man, is not about to let them study it.
Quagguay Mnu is the gateway to the Xianu Civilization, the first habitable planet encountered. However, no sentient life is found. This Xianu mechbot tends visitors and native creatures.
One planet in the Sphynx star systems remains unihabited and unexplored, even though it can sustain life:  Koran.  Strange craft reportedly stand as sentries to protect the untouched nature of Koran. Notice the similarity in design to the rings used in the ancient shrine of Pyrtha and the symbols on the altar of the Temple of Atlantis.
There have been reported sightings of unidentified craft in Voinian space.  One of the early missions for the Xianu Override player will be to investigate a possible crash site of such a craft on Lapen in the EVO Otid system.  Is it new Voinian technology or an alien race?
The Voinian Temple on Damon IX is the birthplace of a new Voinian religious order. (Don't think that just because they're religious, they're any less deadly!)
The alien gas giant terrain of Xol I'ay, a Xianu planet of unearthly musicians. Note the ghostly moon drifting in the right corner of the terrain picture.
Atmosphere The alien gas giant terrain of Merlyoz Tohl, home of the wise Xianu Seekers. Unlike most Xianu species, the Seekers say very little; but they observe all.
Prometheus II is the second planet terraformed by United Earth's Stellar Corporation.  However, the new device did not work as well as it's prototype and requires a great deal of "hands on" terraforming efforts from the first colonists there.
The alien gas giant terrain of Vocodo, a mysterious planet which the Vocodo believe is the home of their emerging gods.
El Xi'i is one of the Xianu planets on which sentient gas giants glide, grazing nutrient rich clouds. These unusual beings communicate through electro-magnetic pulses and static electrical discharges. They are natural musicians and, late in the Xianu scenario, accompany the Player across the Galaxy on a wild performing tour.
This Tyllarian poster welcomes all visitors to Tyllarius, the self-described "Center of Entertainment" for the entire galaxy.  Posthuman "Fembots" conceived by Hajime Sorayama.  On neighboring posthuman planets and stations, humans can surgically gain many kinds of mechanic "enhancements".  The posthuman Renegades are willing to go to war over their "right" to decide their own "evolution".
Sunhillow is a newer Posthuman planet inhabited by artists and musicians who pursue their craft through integrating their biochemstry with cybergenetic technologies. This piece of art depicts the Rite of Expulsion, harkening back to Adam & Eve, recalling that when you choose knowledge and self-inspiration, you must learn also that freedom brings with it a price of independence and uncertainty.
Irid is in Voinian space, in the Iri Stellar System. Instead of being a forgettable Voinian backwater (as it is in regular EVO), it is the mysterious home of a new species which is born in the dank caves of its unexplored underworld.
Angel's Lair is a strange planet-in-formation in the Angel System. Shown in this terrain are it's Uranus type rings of debris and small moons. The planet is actually formed from the twisting and turning of space-time, creating new matter out of "thin air".
Ruu I'ay, one of a trilogy of Musician Planets in the Xianu Galaxy, sports unusual metallic structures that seem to able to make land appear from the frothy deep.
Z'zi I'ay is a Xianu planet inhabited by "Planet Builders". This "Matter Temple" is rendering a continent as we look on.
Hyperspace Hyperspace, the land of dreams, always changing, within the newly created Xianu Universe.
Spaceport A spaceport on the moon near a ringed planet.
Outpost Outpost near a lava neo-planet.
Spacestation Space station of post-human design.
Wartorn Outpost
Outpost on a landless planet.
Wanna Play
Encounter with a mechanical being.
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You can find more art by James Neff & other contributing artists in the Digital Artists Gallery at ArtsForge.

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