Turn The Key
from I WILL LOVE by Tobin James Mueller
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September 11 from NJ
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The breath of God draws near,
so human is the prayer.
Now it begins, the celebration.

Awakened by the wind,
the ghosts within your skin.
Join the brightening constellation.

Turn the key,
throw open wide Eternity.
Love I see...
My life
My breath
The love in me.

The child now the man.
Mother rests her hand.
Father nods his head,
"Look down the road..."
The melody has spun
harmonies of one
that fill this world with song.
Sing on.

Come to greet the man,
the day at least in hand,
come child, come elder, come I.
From generations long,
from lives lived short, lived strong,
comes the single one, comes I.

In one day we grow.
Then suddenly we hold a newborn infant bright,
the star we need.
And with our eyes as bright and clear
we see the rebirth here,
the start, the strength, the hope,
the tension freed...

Burning plea,
Encircle me Eternity.
Love I see: My life, my breath,
the love I free.

Turn the key.
A treasure waits, just turn the key.
Love for me.
A life awaits
my love for you.