Dreams (When You Awake)
from DREAMS & PROMISES by Tobin James Mueller
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Siden Portrait by Steven Stahlberg
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Dreams (When You Awake)
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What are you dreaming?
Do you know I am here,
while you sleep?
What do you see
when my hands hold you near?
When my breath touches you,
can you feel?
Maybe when you awake,
you’ll know to never fear
That I should go away.
You’ll know I’m always near,
When you awake.

When you awake to me.
When you awake to me,
All the world’s ache will fall away,
like clay, cleaned away.
I’ll give you all you need.
Make ev’ry dream come true.
All you can take from me.
All I can give to you.
When you awake…
When you awake to me.