Be My Love
from DREAMS & PROMISES by Tobin James Mueller
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To hold you.
Feel the flame in my hands.
Come fill up the darkest place.
Bring softness to these walls of stone.

Come be my love.
Tear the skin of your life off for me.
I want to hold your shining spirit to my breast.

Come love.
Be my love.
Let us burn out our lives in the fire of the night.

Make me a god.
Catch my blood in your hands.
Betray me once more in the shadows
then ask me to forgive.

Tie me to the bed
with your serpent and sweat.
Come entangle my fingers and tongue in your breathing.
Pour wine into my pores.
Come tell me I am yours.
Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

There’s too much now between you and I.
Far too many lies.
Come tear away the skin off from our lives.

Come be my love.
Come burn off the masks we’ve owned.
To find what lies beneath.
...’neath a life lived without you.

Come love, be my love.
Let us turn all the lies into something like a prayer.
Come love, be my love.
Let us burn up our lives for a moment we could bear/bare.