The Portal Lens - draft

The Portal Lens
early draft

1999 © Tobin James Mueller
collaborative artwork for The Power of 10, a VisionForge MultiMedia Project

This is a close up of the Portal Lens untouched and rendered in Bryce 4.
It's complexity is beautiful and often covered by images and lighting effects
in dramatic scenes. It is offered here to show it when silent, held by the
Singing Angel at the Dimensional Traveler Altar.

The circular portal is made of several layers of transparent lenses and images.
The basic internal image is pict of an abstract Bryce rendering by Loannis Adonakis.
The Bryce lens covering the image create the fractured sectioning, the refractive colors,
and the reflective flares and surface sense.
The statue holding the lens portal aloft was modeled in Poser 3. Its texture is a
customized version of the a photograph of rusted, flaking brass
covered by a slightly offset transparent reflective texture created in Bryce.
The wings were painted by Toy Takai and used by Tobin to create a bumpy shaped terrain
in Bryce 3D; then the painting was used as a .pict to cover the "terrain",
and a woodgrain bump map was used to create 3D surface texture.

Other views of the Temple of Portals:
The Portal of the Power of 10
Singing Forth the Image (640x800 - 141 k version)
Singing Forth the Image (460x600 - fits into screen)
The Helmet of War Wakes (a Bryce Select winner)
Gathering Strength (800x640 - 248k version)
Gathering Strength (600 pixels - 114k version)
The Hand of Perspective (800 pixels - 268k version)
The Hand of Perspective (600 pixels - 116k version)
Reflective Face of the Goddess
more to come...

The Power of 10 is an Online Collaborative Picture Book project
in its formative stages. As the initial illustrations are completed,
writers are sketching out the first chapters and musicians are composing theme music.
See "Contents".

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