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Let Me Pose For You
(from the musical "Creature"; sung by Elisabeth)

Take my flesh into your hands.
Let your imagination run wild.
Let me pose for you without clothes for you.
Invent a look; create a form; bring me style.

Make your art come alive!
Living Art we’ll make thrive!
Human clay we’ll shape any old way!

The whole world will be putty in our hands when
You can make them live again!
The miracles you sow will
Found a whole new…religion!

If I pose before I decompose,
Metamorph like a butterfly,
Be immortalized.

Make me come alive!
Yes, my time’s arrived!
Let me advertise and glamorize you.

Let me pose for you…
I’ll be your poster wild child,
The pin-up queen on ev’ry wall.
Fame and fawning fans will
Make me rich while…I have it all!

Can you conceive of this: The Living Artist Witch!
Can you fulfill this niche with the Rising Resurrection Bitch!
Let me pitch your talents to that swaggering and opulent crew.
Let me hitch my wagon to your cogitating procreation tool.

Let me mesmerize.
I can traumatize.
I will be your prize!
Let me pose for you.

1999 © Tobin James Mueller
"Songs" published by ArtsForge Press.
All rights reserved.