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One Voice
(from the musical "Creature"; sung by the Creature)

I have no words.
I have no place.
I have no way of knowing
what I am to do.

“Run, run away. Run away.”
“Run, run away. Run away.”

Voices of hundreds
Trapped in this tissue
Lash out in crying
Blind tongues like lightning
Wanting to use me – to live - again.

Why can’t I shape my life?
One life carved out, like clay.
A thousand voices deafening me,
clinging, clinging.

Without one voice that’s mine
There are no words to guide.
Where is, who is my father? Who is my mother?
I am alone.

Left to run.
A patchwork of dreams,
Forgotten longings,
Wrung out and
Left to die again. Oh…!

One voice.
Can I raise one voice?
Out…of the many?
One voice that cries to live?

One voice that touches.
One voice that sings.
One voice that only I can bring.

One voice for all to hear.
One voice that clings.
One voice that rises ‘bove the wind like wings.

One voice that opens wide.
One voice that never hides.
One voice that stands amidst the world and sings:

I am!
I am!
Now I am alive!

I am one voice.
I am one voice.
One voice that sings.
One voice that sings:

I wan’ to live.
Oh, I wan’ to live.

Oh, I wan’ to live.
Yes, I wan’ to live.

1999 © Tobin James Mueller
"Songs" published by ArtsForge Press.
All rights reserved.